It seems that people are divided when it comes to camping. People who do it are really into it, and people who don’t seem hesitant about the idea of roughing it in a tent for a night. If you are on the fence about whether to take up camping as a new hobby, there are a lot of great reasons to do so. 

As an avid outdoorsman, Dean Buescher enjoys all aspects of the nature-infused, outdoor lifestyle. Today he shares his top 5 reasons to go camping.

  1. You get to connect to nature in a way that you just don’t get otherwise. We spend so much of our lives indoors. Spending prolonged periods of time outdoors really gives you a whole new sense of appreciation for nature.
  2. Camping is good for your health. All that time spent setting up camp, hiking, and doing other outdoor activities is fantastic health-wise.
  3. It is good for your mental health as well! Humans were built to be outside. Our modern lives disconnect us so much from nature, and spending time outdoors can really boost your mood and put things into perspective.
  4. When camping, you have the opportunity to develop useful skills that you don’t normally get to use. Building fires, cooking outside, fishing, and generally surviving outside is not only fun, but you get to learn new skills. 
  5. Camping with friends and family is a wonderful way to bond without all of the distractions that we normally have in our day-to-day lives.