For parents who love to go camping, it can sometimes be a struggle to get your kids excited about going camping, especially if it is their first time. Especially these days, kids might complain about being bored with no Wi-Fi! The good news is that there is plenty of fun, kid-friendly activities to do as a family.

An entrepreneur by trade, Dean Buescher is an avid outdoor enthusiast in his free time. A big fan of all kinds of outdoor activities, he shares 5 fun activities you can do with your kids while camping.

  1. Make a list of things you can find in nature and send your kids on a scavenger hunt. Not only will it be fun for them, but they also get to learn about all the different plants, insects, animals, and rocks you can find.
  2. Take some crafting supplies like paper, cardboard, crayons, and glue. Your kids can draw what they see or make some nature-inspired collages.
  3. Bring along some games like cornhole or even a frisbee to throw around. You can also have a competition to see who can skip a rock the farthest.
  4. When night falls, some classic campfire games are always a big hit. Telefone and alphabet games are super fun for kids. You can also take turns telling stories!
  5. Teach them some basic outdoor survival skills. If you find a lot of fallen branches, you can teach them how to build a shelter. If they are old enough, you can teach them about fire starting.