Employing the expertise and expert advice of a business coach can be the ticket to success for startups — and established ventures. Business Management Specialist, Dean Buescher, recommends 2 highly qualified startup coaches who are pioneering new territory in their respective niches:

Hannah Louise Roper

Experienced in development coaching for corporate settings and a specialist in learning and development, Hannah Louise Roper is fit for the bill!  Her extensive background in music (including history, theory and performance) add a unique perspective and flair to her approaches.  Her startup, The Female Creative, offers businesses and brands with coaching that focuses on bringing female entrepreneurs’ ideas to life — particularly in creative spaces.

Nicole Hensley

Nicole Hensley is a wedding planner and an entrepreneurial success story.  Her outfit, Wedding Planning Company, helps take wedding planners to the next level, from amateur to professional.  Playing on her decade of experience, Hensley offers critical experience-backed advice to her clients in this very specific area of business and entrepreneurship.