Skiing is an amazing way to get exercise and spend time enjoying the great outdoors in the wintertime. However, it can be an intimidating thing for beginners to learn. Speeding down a slope and falling while you are still getting the hang of things can be scary, but it is possible if you have the right attitude. There are a few different kinds of skiing to learn, so which one is best for beginners?

As someone with a love for all things outdoors, Dean Buescher enjoys skiing throughout the year. In the winter, he trades his water skis for snow skis and loves to shred through the fresh powdery snow. Today he shares what the best type of skiing is for beginners.

Alpine, or downhill skiing, is the most popular form of the sport, and typically the kind that will come to mind when you think about skiing. Ski resorts are usually built for Alpine skiing, and have many different slopes for all different ability levels. It might be intimidating to go downhill for the first time, but resorts will also have lots of experienced instructors who can teach you everything you need to know. 

Once you have mastered alpine skiing, you can try other types such as freestyle, backcountry, or cross-country.