Dean Buesher is an avid outdoorsman passionate about travel and chasing the next adventure. Some of his favorite activities include fishing, camping, skiing and  boating which are perfect activities to do in today’s state of Alaska.

Dean Buescher Alaska Outdoor Activities

This blog will talk about some of the best outdoor activities you can do in this great state. Rich in nature, Alaska is home to 3 million lakes, 100,000 glaciers, over 12,000 rivers and more volcanos than any other state. With less than 1/20th of 1% of the state being altered by civilization it leaves 364,840,000 acres in its pure form  making it the ultimate outdoorsman’s dream. Dean Buescher’s bucket list for visiting Alaska includes seeing the northern lights, touring glaciers and panning for gold.  With all the vast nature of Alaska there are endless possibilites of what can be explored.

One of the popular ways to explore Alaska are through various cruises and tours. There are many tours in Alaska to view wildlife and nature all over the state. With premier whale sight seeing cruises paired and glacier viewings Alaska also offers various dog sledding tours all year long. This means you can sled in the snow or on the summer ground, but even in the summer you can still get your snow fix by dog sledding on the glaciers. 

Alaska is home to many national parks and Kenaj Fjords national park is one of them.  Located in Borough, Alaska this park is a magnificent display of a lot of its beautiful nature. 

The park offers ranger led tours or boat tours and the option for adventurous travelers the opportunity to explore alone. You can kayak and even stay overnight in the wilderness through camping or staying in their onsite cottages. For those of you who are animal lovers there are tours for both fishing and flight seeing too.