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Dean Buescher is an entrepreneur empowered by a love of competition. As an Independent Consultant, he guides others to success with tried and true concepts, like market trend analysis and a focus on innovation. An avid outdoorsman and NASCAR fan, Buescher recharges his professional pursuits in his own personal passions, like his support of charities and nonprofits!

Professional Career

Dean Buescher is a proud graduate of Eckerd College, where he planted the seeds of his career in entrepreneurship.  In the 30+ years that followed that pursuit, Buescher has fine-tuned his approaches in a way that can be taught and replicated.  Now, as an Independent Consultant, he teaches other entrepreneurs how to achieve success by striving for innovation and keeping a close eye on market trends.  Both ideas, the professional explains, are the keys to success — across all industries, fields and focuses! 

Throughout his career, which has spanned more than three decades, Dean Buescher has become a master in business management, entrepreneurship and startup strategy.  Constantly evolving in tandem with the latest and greatest approaches, Buescher has become a chameleon of sorts to match what works today — and what will work tomorrow.  In fact, he credits his willingness to learn and adapt with fueling his success, time and time again.

Personal Pursuits

In his downtime, Dean Buescher does anything but slow down.  In fact, his personal pursuits largely revolve around his competitive nature.  In effect, his passions inspire his professional approaches!  Just to name a few of his interests, Buescher is an avid outdoorsman, automobile aficionado, NASCAR racing enthusiast and barbecue cooking connoisseur. 


Just like in his professional work, he enjoys adding elements of creativity to his hobbies.  In Buescher’s experience, this approach keeps his interests fulfilling and exciting!

Charity Work & Nonprofit Supporter

Dean Buescher is a proud supporter of numerous charitable organizations and nonprofits.  In particular, he is passionate about supporting Helping a Hero.  A nonprofit dedicated to empowering wounded heroes, Helping a Hero offers support to United States military veterans who have courageously fought to protect their nation.  Buescher salutes this organization for all that it accomplishes in reminding veterans of their value and strength.  He is particularly proud of Helping a Hero’s Wounded Hero Program, which strives to provide wounded veterans with living spaces adapted to meet their physical needs.


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