The ‘vampire fishing’ trend is taking the fishing world by storm! But what is it? Why is it the next big thing? And should you give it a shot? Fellow fisherman, Dean Buescher dives into these fresh waters with his own take:

Vampire fishing is the practice of, well, fishing at night.  It sounds simple enough, right?  Vampire fishing is so-named due to its nocturnal nature.  Fishermen explain that this technique may be the best way to reel in that big monster of a catch!  Why?  It’s quite simple, really:  some of the biggest fish in the water are almost exclusively nocturnal.  They sleep all day and roam the waters once it’s dark.  In the dead of night, those big fish are roaming around looking for a meal — and your bait might just be what they’re looking for!

Dean Buescher recommends that if you’re going to go vampire fishing, you should set up camp near a river you’ve already sussed out during the day.  Meet the nocturnal creatures at their level by sleeping during the day, so you’ll be fully energized during the night.  And, of course, be sure to bring plenty of lights with you so you can keep your eyes on the prize in the dead of night!