The University of Mount Olive has just announced an incredibly unique degree program! This all-new dual degree will tie together Aviation and Business Management. Dean Buescher, Business Management Specialist and Independent Consultant, discusses:

At the University of Mount Olive (UMO) Flight School, students will have the opportunity to soar to new heights!  Of course, this has always been the case for UMO’s talented students as they set their sights on careers in Aviation.  However, now, the Flight School is set to offer an incredibly innovative, new opportunity that will present students with a broader range of professional options.

UMO’s new dual degree program solidifies the link between Aviation and Business Management.  This unique combination of study focuses is expected to become incredibly in-demand, as the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) field continues to expand across industries in the business world.  Dean Buescher looks forward to how this high-powered, fast-paced degree program will set out to reshape the Aviation industry, in terms of business.