Are you looking to expand your business somewhere new and not sure where to begin? Independent business consultant Dean Buescher shares his thoughts on cities you might want to check out for your company.

Dean Buescher Top Business Cities
Image: Unsplash

#1. Indianapolis, Indiana

Home of the Colts and the Indy 500, Indianapolis is an often overlooked city in the US. It boasts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year and is consistently ranked as an affordable city to live in. Not only is this Midwestern city great for visiting, it is also home of three Fortune 500 companies. It is a growing city with plenty of land to allow for infrastructure, making it a great option for your business to call home.

#2. Atlanta, Georgia

The A is certainly no city to overlook. It is so uniquely its own, your business would regret not scoping it out. Major industries like finance, healthcare/biomed, media and communications, and manufacturing are all making waves here. If you can take the heat (and the traffic), then consider Atlanta as the next stop to grow your business.

#3. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is often passed over for its fellow North Carolinian cities of Raleigh or Greensboro because of it’s somewhat undiscovered identity. What Charlotte might lack in character it surely makes up for in diverse culture, professional sports teams, and rapid growth. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the US, and you should definitely have it on your radar for your business.
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