Many people go camping at a typical campsite as a fun pastime with their friends and families. However, experienced campers who want to take things to the next level need to keep some additional considerations in mind. If you are into survivalist camping, or just camping off the beaten path, it’s important to take steps to ensure your safety.

Dean Buescher is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys camping in his free time. Today he shares the 5 W’s on camping.

  1. Wood – how are you going to start a fire? Make sure your site is near a place where you can source dry wood.
  2. Wind and weather – anytime you are staying in a tent, you have to take the weather into account.
  3. Wildlife – anytime you go camping, you are entering into the animal’s territory. You need to be aware of what kinds of wildlife live in the area you are camping in so you can take appropriate precautions. Even if the biggest thing you have to worry about is mosquitos, take a good bug spray!
  4. Water – if you are going camping in a place that doesn’t have facilities, you have to think about where you will get your water from. Water also comes into play when thinking about where to pitch your tent – set up your campsite on high ground so you don’t get flooded in case of a storm
  5. Widowmakers – before going wild camping, you have to think about any potential hazards in the environment such as trees that could potentially fall, unstable rocks, etc