If you’re an investor, a day trader, or someone who likes to research new types of financial investments, then continue reading to hear Dean Buescher’s thoughts on what market trends are worth investing in or passing on.

Dean Buescher Market Trends
Image: Pexel

#1. NFTs

NFTs are the biggest tech industry buzzword at the moment. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens are essentially a digital asset you can exchange for money. They essentially act as digital certificates for digital assets (think: music videos, .gifs, memes, etc.) It’s important to note that you don’t technically own the asset when you buy an NFT, nor can you stop other people from viewing/experiencing the asset if it is still accessible on the internet.

Bottom line: Pass.

#2: SPAC Companies

SPACs, or, special purpose acquisition companies, are shell companies created with the sole purpose of purchasing private companies with the goal of funding them to become public companies faster than the traditional IPO process.

SPAC investors usually fund a group of private companies that have similar missions together in hopes of creating synergies between systems, technologies, and unique competitive advantages that make each company under the shell successful. There is risk however, that there may not be enough interest from investors to fund the SPAC, or issues with regulator industries, or issues with the desired speed to market that ultimately make the SPAC fall apart.

Bottom line: Proceed with caution.
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