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Dean Buescher has had the opportunity to share his experiences through a new found hobby of blogging. Many would not expect those in construction to take to sites to share their knowledge. With technology advancing, it is important to pass on knowledge however possible. Therefore, his words and expertise will forever be around for his family, friends and colleges to reference.

Medium is a new blog site. Its purpose is to share information from many different areas of work. Dean Buescher’s venture of building custom homes is a concept that many positively wish to contribute to. He has invested his time into talking about the benefits of purchasing a new home to knowledge about purchasing a home warranty. Therefore, Dean Buescher wants individuals to remain informed with the choices they are making in regards to their home.

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Dean Buescher on How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

With growing environmental concerns, individuals are constantly seeking innovative solutions to reduce their ecological footprint and minimize their energy consumption. However, the same individuals are often content to pay their electricity or water bills each month without ever questioning.

Dean Buescher on the Benefits of Purchasing a Brand-New Home

With new construction or pre-construction purchases, homeowners are given a significant amount of flexibility and design freedom. Also, New homes can be customized to fit the dynamics of an individual’s lifestyle, and prospective homeowners can create a living space that is specifically tailored to their unique tastes.

Dean Buescher on Why Individuals Require a Home Warranty

A home warranty, similar to home insurance, is a vital part of protecting yourself and your home. Homeowners who are covered by both a home warranty and insurance policy, are well prepared for any unexpected circumstances. Home construction professional Dean Buescher from New Braunfels, Texas is an independent consultant and Manager of Vintage Estate Homes.

Dean Buescher Provides His Top Tips for Custom Home Design

Navigating the design landscape is a challenging endeavor. However, planning a custom home enables individuals to express their individuality while creating a space that is uniquely theirs. Also, the initial design provides a rough framework for the layout of the home and should be reflective of one’s personal style.

Luxury Home Construction Executive Dean Buescher Lists 3 Smart Ways to Budget for a Home Renovation

Home renovation can increase your home’s value. By enlarging the living space, add comfort, reduce future maintenance, and reflect your personal preferences. However, in order to tick all these beneficial boxes, you need to ensure that your financial forecast is reliable instead of volatile.

Luxury Home Construction Executive Dean Buescher Shares 4 Ways Builders Can Differentiate in a…

The home building industry is highly competitive, and builders are realizing - or have already discovered - that if they do not focus on differentiating their brand and offerings. They will end up being perceived in the marketplace as a commodity. And when that happens, all that buyers care about is getting the lowest price possible, which for builders is a race to the bottom.

Luxury Home Construction Executive Dean Bueschner Highlights 4 Best Practices for Creating Strong…

According to acclaimed luxury home construction executive Dean Bueschner, who is currently the manager at Vintage Estate Homes in New Braunfels, Texas. Here are four best practices that all builders should adopt in order to build strong and mutually rewarding relationships with real estate agents: A growing number of buyers are using the web to discover new developments without the assistance of an agent.